About me

I work on research projects regarding design and psychology, focusing on interventions aimed at healthier and more sustainable behaviour. I teach courses on persuasion, behaviour change, (visual) design, general and social psychology.

Until recently, I worked as a freelance graphic designer, on commissions from clients in science, education, non-profit health change and sustainability.
I specialized in creating designs, imagery and messages aimed at enhancing information accessibility and democratizing communication methods.
My designs were often ready-to-use solutions like visual identities, promotion material, and digital designs, but also toolboxes, templates and DIY-design concepts that enable the end user to create his or her own designs within a concept.

Even though I no longer work as a designer, I might be convinced to accept the odd commission every now and then, to keep my design muscles lean and trim.

ORCID: 0000-0001-8781-5445
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