Expressing antagonism

A line of reseach consisting of a series of posters. The posters are designed in a narrative, illustrative manner, to avoid the usual leftist designs depicting either the victims or the ‘bad guys’ of a certain practice.

Tools for online activism

Designs of the radical left are firmly rooted in the 1970s and 1980s: fists, stars and flags, silk-screened in black and red. In this line of research on the visual language of the radical left, I try to develop expressions of radical, solidary, antagonistic culture based on common values like DIY, grassroots, multipliable, and driven by the most democratized technology, i.e. computers and the internet. A first result is a concept for an online application, that enables users to create an image by uploading photographs, entering texts and backgrounds and setting levels of interaction and intensity. The resulting image can be used online (background or image) or offline (poster or flyer.

Visueel Verzet: essay

Aan de hand van relevante communicatietheorie├źn en veel praktijkvoorbeelden laat ik de werking en mogelijkheden van de grafische ontwerppraktijk als verzets- en aktievorm zien. De tekst verwerkte ik in 104 posters, die ik wildplakte, fotografeerde en in een boek samenbracht. Het boek is hier te lezen.

Visual Resistance Workshop

Why do some actions easily reach a large audience, and are others doomed to quickly disappear into obscurity? Guided by communication theory, social psychological theory and a large amount of vivid examples, I explore the possibilities and the pitfalls of creative action.

Baburka Night

Wie is de terrorist? Installatie/actie tegen racisme, moslimhaat en hijgerig gedoe over terrorisme. Who is the terrorist? Installation against racism and terrorism hyping. Wer ist der Terrorist? Installation gegen Razismus und Terrorismus-Medienrummel.