About me

I (pronouns: he/his) am a behavioural scientist (MSc in Social Psychology, Radboud University Nijmegen, PhD in Behavioural Sciences, VU University Amsterdam) and designer (BDes in Graphic Design, Artez Academy of Arts Arnhem). I perform research projects in a range of methodologies, varying from research through design to applied and fundamental behavioural scientific research, into the efficacy of designed artefacts (such as (digital) services, campaigns, products, and visual and interactive designs) for behaviour change in the fields of health and sustainability. A (regularly updated) list of my scientific publications is on Researchgate.net and I try to keep the list of publications on this site up to date (but you know how it is).

Since April 2020, I am Principal Behavioural Scientist at OnePlanet Research Center. Before that, I worked at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, as a (senior) researcher. I work on research projects regarding the design and development of digital technology for behaviour change, focusing on interventions aimed at healthier and more sustainable behaviour, and tools for more effective and engaging interventions. In my work, I try where possible to focus on vulnerable groups, such as people with limited health literacy and/or from low socio-economic position groups.

Until 2013, I worked as an independent graphic designer, on commissions from clients in science, education, non-profit health change and sustainability.
I specialized in creating designs, imagery and messages aimed at enhancing information accessibility and democratizing communication methods.
My designs were often ready-to-use solutions like visual identities, promotion material, and digital designs, but also toolboxes, templates and DIY-design concepts that enable the end user to create his or her own designs within a concept. This web page has an overview of my design work.

ORCID: 0000-0001-8781-5445