GRIP – Development of a tool to get a grip on social dynamics when designing for behavioural change

Socionas are a new way of understanding, describing and influencing behaviour in a group context through design interventions. They help us not only understand the individual behaviour, but also the social context in which the behaviour takes place.

In this project, we will further develop tools based on Socionas, and apply them to cases at the Meander Medical Center. The social environment plays a very important role in both preparing for and supporting after a hospitalization, especially when it is unplanned. This dynamic can have a stimulating but also a hindering effect, for example due to a dispute or disagreement over informal care and support during rehabilitation at home.
With our Sociona-based tools, we want to gain insight into and control of what is happening at home with the elderly, caregiver(s), family, friends, and professionals to design for optimal support during the rehabilitation process, with the aim of minimising the chance of readmission.

We will collaborate with design agency Ideate in a number of iterative design sprints. Between the sprint sessions, we test our tools in practice by patients of Meander and their social environment. Systematic reflection on the design and application of the tools provides insight into the value and potential of the method.

3 maanden ago