Healthy Eating and Behaviour Change: chapter in book on Design and Wellbeing

Together with Geke Ludden, I wrote a chapter on healthy eating and behaviour change in Design and Wellbeing: an Applied Approach, a new book in the Design for Social Responsibility series published by Routledge.

In this chapter, we explain why many efforts that aim to stimulate healthy eating have limited or even adverse effects on changing people‚Äôs eating behaviour. We do so by adopting four views that are relevant to design: the knowledge view, the automaticity view, the social/cultural view, and the engagement view. For each view, we discuss relevant literature and the role that design has played and could play when adopting that particular view. Finally, we discuss what bringing the different views together might mean for the future of how to design for healthy eating. 

The book is available through all relevant channels, and, as it turns out, has already been processed by google books, so most of its text is available here.

5 jaar ago