Donders Institute Identity

A modular visual identity for the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour at the Radboud University Nijmegen.
As a leading institution in the field of cognitive neuroscience, the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour aims for maximum recognition and distinction.
A unique visual identity for the Donders Institute is not allowed by the rules and guidelines of the Radboud University corporate identity. All visual expressions of the Donders Institute are to be designed by the Radboud University identity rules.
To be able to express the identity of the Donders Institute within the boundaries of the Radboud University corporate identity, a modular extension to the university identity is designed. This module takes the shape of a recurrent visual element. The element is present in every visual expression of the Donders Institute. Within the rules of the corporate identity, this takes the place of a logo. Where allowed, for instance in those cases where the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging acts as an independent entity, the visual element can be used as an actual logo.
The element consists of a stylized ā€˜dā€™, the starting letter of the name Donders. This d works as a magnifying glass. In the interior of the d images are visible that magnify the image surrounding the d. The d can also be used to offer a view into a different level of abstraction, another level on which research is done at the Donders Institute. This makes the Magnifying d symbolic of one of the most important features of the Donders Institute, i.e. the combination of a diverse range of research methods with which the cognitive neurosciences are explored.
The Radboud University visual identiy leaves plenty of chances for integrating our own visual elements. The Magnifying d can therefore be used in a broad scala of ways. Firstly, the d can be integrated in photography or illustrations. Next, the element can be placed in graphic elements like colour bars or anchor lines. Last, many visual expressions of the RU contain small illustrative elements, often in the shape of small quadratic photographs. In these the d can be used.
Designers are expressly encouraged to search for their own, unique solutions for applying the Magnifying d in their designs. The designer has total freedom in selecting the most appropriate method of integrating the d. The only rule is to have at least one occasion of the Magnifying d in eacht design. Designs containing more than one page must have a d visible on each page.

15 jaar ago