INSISTENT – New project on Inclusive Strategies for eHealth in Nutrition)

We received a SIA KIEM-hbo grant (€30.000) for this project in our line of research aimed at designing interventions to support disadvantaged groups in healthy behaviour change.

INSISTENT gathers existing evidence about which behaviour change strategies are best suited to support disadvantaged groups in changing their behaviour. Deprived groups in society, such as people with a low socio-economic position, do not benefit sufficiently from current behavioral health interventions. This is even more unfortunate when we take into account that these groups are disproportionally affected by the consequences of unhealthy behaviour.

Health professionals and intervention designers need a clear overview of behaviour-changing strategies that can best support disadvantaged groups, but proven effective strategies are scarcely available. Research in particular is lagging behind in the field of e-health for healthy nutrition. In this project we will generate an overview of existing evidence through a scoping review (a systematic literature analysis), the results of which we test with experts from the field.

The consortium for this project consists of Hogeschool Utrecht, Voedingscentrum, Pharos, GGD Noord- and Oost-Gelderland, Stichting Instituut voor Onderzoek naar Leefwijzen & Verslaving (IVO) and Open University. The proceeds from this project consist of an overview of behaviour-changing strategies and underlying working mechanisms in interventions aimed at disadvantaged groups, tested against professional practice. In addition, a joint venture is formed that forms the basis for a broader follow-up grant proposal, in which we elaborate on the design of effective interventions for healthy behaviour aimed at disadvantaged groups.


3 maanden ago