Presenting Healthricious at DRS2022 in Bilbao

Presenting the Healthricious paper at the DRS2022 conference

In one of the Design for Wellbeing-tracks at the Design Research Society bi-annual conference, this time held in Bilbao, Spain, I presented a paper about our work on the @SmartWithFood app for healthy nutrition, in which we used an evidence-based approach to make the app (even) more suitable for people at risk of debilitating consequences of COVID-19.

We used a 5-phase process: user research, expert interviews, a behavioural analysis of the previous version of the app, a design sprint, and a development/dissemination phase. Our work showed that there is merit in putting time and effort in the further development of existing (commercial) apps for heatlh purposes, rather than starting from scratch. Our approach could be a starting point for future similar projects. Issues that occurred are the ever-present choice between rigour and speed, and the fact that there’s always so much you could do, even if the starting point is already a high-quality app.

The paper is available here: and my presentation slides are here:

I tried to do my introduction in Basque – I hope I didn’t fumble too much on the pronunciation 🙂

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