Presenting our Citizen Science approach at #ECSA2022 Berlin

On Friday 7 October 2022, I presented our OnePlanet Research Center citizen science approach to gather insights and needs from citizens to inform our research agenda at the European Citizen Science Association conference in Berlin. Citizen Science should, of course, be more than just citizens gathering data for scientists. But shaping a research agenda takes skills and knowledge.

We use methods from participatory design (a.k.a. #designthinking) – such as sensitizing and provotyping – to support citizens in thinking about their questions, needs, and barriers for technological health innovations. My presentation introduced these methods using two case studies in which we applied these methods. Abstract and slides are here.

Presenting at #ECSA2022. Image: Claire Narraway
Presenting at #ECSA2022. Image: Kris Bevelander
Opening meeting of the conference at the Dino Hall of the Museum für Naturkunde
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