Grote Broek 25th anniversary

In november 2009, independent social center Grote Broek in Nijmegen celebrated its 25th anniversary. To announce the festivities, I designed a poster and a flyer, stencil printed at Knust.

13 jaar ago

No! G8 action Japan

A poster announcing a visit of Japanese anarchists to inform us about the actions against the 2008 G8 summit in Hokkaido, Japan.

14 jaar ago


Antifascist poster and sticker

14 jaar ago

De Slinker, ons geld

At the introduction of the euro in 2002, the Grote Broek in Nijmegen introducted its own currency, called the Slinker – referring to its ever diminishing value.

14 jaar ago

De onvrede

A placemat with a gulf war theme for a restaurant in Nijmegen.

14 jaar ago