This is 2010

Another episode in an ongoing series of experiments in automatically generated design, this online document is another attempt in search of contemporary, digital equivalents of the old analog poster.
Nine times a day, this online application pulls an array of photographs out of twitter messages and creates a randomly styled image out of them. These small, pixelated images are then displayed in an ever growing collection website. They vaguely resemble the original snapshots found in social media like facebook and twitter and on parody sites like lamebook. This potentially never-ending stream of postage stamp size images serves as an artist’s impression of contemporary communication in 2010.
The scraping utility ran on a site hosted by a free webhosting service until it was canceled and subsequently deleted. The entire 2010 collection can be found here. Warning: takes a while to load. The 2011 collection was sadly lost. If only I had made backups…

14 jaar ago